Wednesday, January 4, 2017

PEATU President Looks at the Stakes and Implications of President New Year Message

 Afu Stephen, the President of The Presbyterian Education Authority Teachers’ Trade Union, PEATTU has
Afu Stephen
again made another critical analysis of President Biya's New Year Message to Cameroonians in relation to the Anglophone Problem. In his analsysis, Sir Afu Stephen wrote that 
"Sources close from the Oracle opine that the present impasse rocking the state has pushed the Head of State,in his end of year address to indicate that. "Besides the bodies that I have instructed the Government to set up which are already at work, we are ready to go an Extra Mile. We are willing to move in the footsteps and spirit of the architects of Reunification,and put in place a national entity which will be tasked with proposing solutions aimed at maintaining peace, consolidating and strengthening our resolve and our day to day experiences of living together. "
1.Two State Federation.
SWR will not vote for it, given that they are already insinuating that the NWR will marginalize them.We feel sad.The proposed Constitution of Drs Munzu,Anyangwe and Barrister Ekongtang Elad had given solutions to circumvent this..Who is at the centre of these manipulations ?
2.10 State Federation will be the next options.And government will be comfortable with this as a better option.Reason,?Other Regions are muting too that they equally are marginalised. Reference is made to the Memorandums from the other Regions,North,South,West etc.
3.Complete implementation of the decentralisation process .
All these positions would be put to vote.And by the fact that representation will be made cutting across Mayors, MPs, Senators, Political leaders, Trade Union leaders. By the numbers, the Anglophone will be out numbered in the votes.
Faced with these eventualities,What ways forward ?It is time thinking has to be extended far out of the box.

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